Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs...

I just read one of the most compelling tech support pleas ever:

I loved Home, I really did, but now I only like it a little bit. The reason I say this, is because...

1. We shouldn't have to have a bigger cache size, just so Home will work better, otherwise there is no point in being able to choose the size of the cache. As I recall, that was the intended purpose of being able to change cache size. Some people swear it makes a big improvement, as far as loading, while others disagree about that. I happen to be one of them, who disagrees, because I have tried every cache size, and I still get the same annoying problems in Home. It doesn't become faster, when logging in, loading spaces, loading avatars, and more. It always stays at the same speed for me.

2. Wardrobe is like a total nightmare. Anymore, I am lucky if I can do so much as change one piece of clothing, without a major freeze up. It's ridiculous how every little item ALWAYS has to load. Isn't there a better method for this? Anyway, it's not just about the loading, when it comes to wardrobe. The few times I am able to change, without freezing up, I can't seem to keep the clothing that I picked out for my avatar, on my avatar. If I change her shirt or pants, the shirt or pants she was wearing previously, will come back. This has happened with jewelry, hand items, head items, shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories. Other times, it will wait to change my avatar's clothes, after I've signed back into Home or after I have entered a different space. The avatars that I have saved, will ALWAYS end up having something on them that I didn't put on them. They will not keep the same clothing or other items on, that I saved them with. If it is not freeze ups happening, or clothes changing on their own, F13 is plaguing my wardrobe. This has been going on for more than 3 months and it is VERY annoying.

3. Delete and reinstall should not constantly be the answer to solve every problem that occurs with Home. I have done delete and reinstall, too many times, every single month, sometimes I have to do it a few times a week. Still, that never solves the problems. Monday, I deleted Home, after another fun wardrobe freeze, and I ended up with corrupt data under the Home icon, yet again. The only way to fix this, that I know of, is to restore the file system. After that was over and fixed, I didn't reinstall Home right away, like I normally would. I am so fed up with the constant bugs, I am hardy in the mood to keep reinstalling Home, let alone sign into Home, only to find the same problems are still there waiting for me.

4. Decorating one of my apartments, has also become a nightmare, as well. Placing an object I have chosen, should only need to be done once. Instead, I've found myself waiting 15 minutes, to see if the object I placed, the first time, will show up. If it doesn't, I have to go back into the add furniture menu and get that same object out again. Sometimes it will work on the second try, other times it takes a third try. It's insanity, I tell you.

5. I don't know what it is about Central Plaza that has it out for my console, but the space still freezes up. However, I will give the space credit, because instead of freezing on me right away, it gives me some time to get into a good conversation that I don't want to miss. If I am lucky enough to stumble upon an empty Central Plaza, I have 0 problems. Whatever it is about that space, it's being passed to the Sodium space. That space is hell, while just waiting for everything to load and nothing more.

When it comes to trying to make things load faster, I have tried everything. I have upgraded my internet, a couple of times this year and that didn't seem to improve speed for Home, it remains at the same pace as always. My modem has been reset a few times, to see if things will work faster and that doesn't seem to improve anything, either. I even had a filter changed, as it is required within a certain span of time. The only thing I have not done, is tear up my PS3 and scatter all of the pieces all over the place. The only time my connection gives me a problem, is if I'm playing one of my games online and my connection doesn't play well with another player's connection. Also, a few people on my friends list, get a lot of the same problems I do. So I really think that it is just Home being the problem.

Whatever the deal is, Home really needs some major improvements, functionality wise and bug wise, and I hope that this is being worked on, because a lot of people are going to end up saying "To hell with Home, there's better things to do.", if the program remains this way for another year. Some people on my list, have already left Home for good, because they're tired of the things that do not function properly and the bugs. I'm getting closer to wanting to say to hell with the program myself, even though I've invested a lot of money into it.

I liked Home, I really did, I still like it a little, and it has loads of potential. Still, it is in dire need of more attention and improvements being made to it at a faster pace than now. Programs like this crash and burn, without more dedication and work going into them as they grow. I'm not saying I want it to crash and burn, I'm just saying it needs more focus on it.
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