I feel like writing something today, and so I shall... but don't expect it to be constructive, this is Home Watch, isn't it? Your feelings aside (cry me a fucking river), I've got a story for ya.

A few months ago I signed up for a site called PS Talent.. seems fair enough, cool site, cool people, right? If you said yes, you'd be dead fucking wrong. I admit, I've got some friends from there, though.. nowadays things aren't as friendly as they used to be, but this isn't about them.. it's about the site, and in this case, the man who runs it, DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY.

For those of you who aren't familiar with his work, he is an extremely arrogant prick who makes machinimas for Sony using Home, yes, you heard me right, for Sony. We'll get to that in a bit, but first the story. For a while, I thought.. maybe Home wasn't so bad after all, I mean.. sure, they constantly abused me, fucked you over, and continue to do so, but it's a nice place, right? I won't even answer that, because let's face it - you and I both know.

So anyways.. I decided I'd bite, play nice, hang around for a little while and see if things really change.. as such, I decided why not be positive, because nobody likes negativity the reality. I started up a site, it didn't last very long.. it's still up as of right now, but ultimately I decided long ago that it is a waste of time and money... and we defended Home, we thought positive.. I tried to the best of my ability to make Home a better place (and believe me, I tried really fuckin' hard), but was unable to due to bias and other bullshit.

I decided I would join and interact with other communities, you know, really be positive, and that was how I got to PS Talent.. through PS Talent, I met and befriended DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY, who is a swell guy.. until you get to know him. He helped me out and I helped him out, and then came PlayStation Radio and Phone Home.

DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY told me about this project he had planned but never got around to doing, he said that I would be perfect for it, so I agreed, thinking it would be a fun experience, and nothing could go wrong.. but boy was I fuckin' wrong. We spent a couple months going over it, planning it, talking about how it would be done, until we finally decided we would start a new venture (if you can even call it that) called PlayStation Radio.

I was appointed manager and we got to work, and for a while.. it went pretty swell.. but as I'm sure many of you remember, we had a deadline that we had to meet. Now, deadlines are something you have to deal with in any industry, and any job.. but I have to admit.. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, I say I'm going to do something and then never do, or don't for a very long time.. and so, we were cutting it very close to the deadline.

The deadline was set for September 9th, it was September 8th.. we hadn't got a damn thing recorded, and yes, I may be partially to blame for that, but at the same time, I was constantly under pressure from DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY. I explained to him I've got school, which, by the way I do.. and that I didn't think I would be able to do it by the deadline. He got angry and asked what school has to do with anything and said let's call the whole thing off. I said alright, of course he was angry, but then a week later he came back.

He said they got someone else to replace me, you see, I was Phone Home's Home Guru, but he just didn't have what I had.. and I'm not trying to be arrogant here, that's legitimately what he said. He thought that I was the only one who could play the part, and perhaps he was right.. but I accepted again. So it was during the weekend, and I wasn't expecting it at all.. he says to me:

"Adam, do you think we can have this done by Monday? I've already arranged to present this to Sony", and actually, prior to that he had mentioned to me that he was under a non-disclosure agreement, as are the rest of the "media partners". Of course, that's probably not a surprise to most of you - NDAs are a standard business practice.. but here we have Sony, and its various users claiming that they show no favoritism. This, to me, showed for a fact that they do.

So anyways.. you know, I love Home (at least I did), and agreed to do it again, knowing that there was a very good chance of it ending up in the community theater.. now, probably not so much, but there was. We started recording, I was exhausted, I had not had any sleep and DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY was angry with me. I told him I couldn't do it and to be honest, I didn't want to anyways, the guy is extremely rude, condescending, and hard to work with. I have even had others tell me the same.

So what does he do? Instead of being a man and accepting the fact that my life does not revolve around his mediocre project, he says:

[9/12/2010 1:51:51 PM] DOD (DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY): well.. I'm sorry Adam.. you either commint to this.. or i'm done with you. You're fucking me and everyone around you... tell me know.. i'm tired of fucking with you
[9/12/2010 1:52:32 PM] Adam: I can't.
[9/12/2010 1:52:48 PM] DOD (DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY): later dude. thanks for the fuck. I'm done with you.

So he deleted me, but he didn't stop there.. he deleted my account from both of his websites and my banner. He is not a friend, he was not my friend and chances are he isn't your friend either.. so no matter what, even if you think he's a nice guy, just wait until you work with him.

PS: If you fucks want, I'll post all of the Skype logs with him.
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