GlassWalls is not a man.

So as I'm sure many of you remember, quite some time ago I had an altercation with the staff at Home, particularly moderation, GlassWalls of which was the top dog at the time. Needless to say, I wasn't happy with the way I was treated.. and I know, it's obvious, and we're going back in the past a bit here.. but it's very important that we do.

I admit, he and I had our differences, we fought and exchanged insults on numerous occasions, which got me banned a couple of times.. but you have to understand the situation I was in, and I know that most of you do.. he on the other hand, did not. I told him about the problem, that was the first thing that I did, I know how things work, at least on the outside.. he told me internal changes were made, but what internal changes?

For all we know, and probably in all likelihood, moderators are multiple people behind the same desk.. I've heard rumors that the original (and fucking cool, might I add) eefinem was replaced by some douche.. and you know where I heard those rumors? I didn't hear them from this blog - I heard them from our favorite patron, Mr. Lochwood (on a Skype call, in fact).

Now.. I don't know about you, but two things come to mind when I heard this from them, first of all.. how the hell would they know? There's been speculation for quite some time that they've been dealing with Sony, but this just makes it obvious (as if the moderators at every fucking party didn't). He told me that the original eefinem transferred out of Home, and you know what.. I don't fucking blame him, the place is a shithole.

So anyways.. in line with the positive thing I had going, I saw GlassWalls at a game launching party at the Gamer's Lounge. He had blocked me on the forums (how is that for listening to the community?), and refused to speak to me in Home.. but I guess he felt a little bit different that day, and I admit, I had been somewhat nice to the guy, it's not like he doesn't deserve it (aside from the fact he's a dick), but I apologized to him. I told him that I was sorry for what I had done, and believe me, I wasn't too nice to the guy, to put it simply..

He offered his forgiveness, and I was grateful. The Home gods had given me a second chance, or so I thought.. despite the fact that he accepted my apology and unblocked me on the forums (allegedly), he was still the same bias asshole that he'd always been.. and if he's not, well, he sure doesn't give the right impression.

Let me give you the most example:

On twitter, he had some God of War: Ghost of Sparta codes to give away, to the first people to retweet his post. You know what? I was one of the first few people to do so, and I'm fairly certain the time-line was evidence of that... but despite that, I wasn't given a code, and keep in mind, I'm not blocked on his twitter..

So GlassWalls, I'm speaking to you.. you are not a man. Men do not accept an apology only to bear a grudge. You know how valuable I was to the god damn community, ask any person who I have ever helped, any person I have ever come in contact with.. I may be a dick, I won't deny that, but I am also extremely helpful, and extremely knowledgeable.. hell, you know that, I had to correct you several times when you fed the community misinformation regarding Sodium.

So I ask you GlassWalls - will you be a man and settle this dispute?

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