How much money has Sony fucked you out of?

So any of you that are on my friends list (or were, again, cry me a fuckin' river), probably noticed that I haven't been using Home lately. I'm sure you all know my reasons for it, the staff sucks, the people suck, everything about it is just god awful. What innovation was promised has yet to be seen, we haven't got televisions or stereos yet, but we've got cat costumes.. that's almost as good, right? No? Yeah, I didn't think so.

So anyways, I'm going to tally up the cash I've funneled into this heap (spanning multiple accounts), and give you the number. Why? Because I don't give a fuck anymore. To be completely honest, it's money that I never had in the first place, purely purchased on credit, that's right, I'm a real fuckin' American.

Nowadays I haven't got so much, and I'm wishing I hadn't put money into the corporate machine that is Sony, because it's money that I'm never going to get back, and to be completely honest.. I am sure they will try to come after me now with every opportunity they get. I'm not going to stop writing for this blog again, I'm not going to sit back and let Sony take my money and do whatever the fuck it is they do with it.

I'm sure GlassWalls is over there laughing at us all building a tower of gold bars right now, shit, I would be too, if I didn't have the self-consciousness to know I was being an asshole.

So yeah, I'll let you know how much I've spent, and if you want to let us know, please do.. because I am seriously interested.

On second thought, fuck that, I'm a lazy bastard, but you're more than welcome to.
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