Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom Bugs

From the tech support graveyard:

When more than one user is playing off the same cauldron and somebody wins, it renders the cauldron unplayable afterward. The space needs to be reloaded or the cauldron removed and replaced in the space.

This is what I experienced last night when I invited 2 people over to my apartment. Each time a person would win an item the game would glitch causing all users to be teleported to the cauldron at which point the cauldron would be unplayable by everyone who had joined it. The people kept their rewards so that was not an issue. However, the game was still "active" even though it was unplayable; You still had to hit to exit the game, but the HUD on the left side of the screen was gone, and the ingredient items would not appear on the ground, thus causing the game to be unplayable. Reloading the space, we found, fixed the issue along with removing the old cauldron and placing a new one. Also, when two cauldrons were placed and each player had their own (my 2 guests), then there was no glitch when someone won at one of those cauldrons, and the games functioned properly.


Allegedly the reward items are only available to certain persons:

Those marked [Confirmed] have been either confirmed officially or by way of in-world testing. I had people over yesterday to my apartment who were seemingly unable to get the horns or the mushroom chair, therefore it is assumed they may be owner only reward items, but it is not certain. As for the mystery present, I do not remember if the people I had over were able to get it or not, but it is highly possible that they did.

[Confirmed] Skull Crown  - Anyone who has purchased the crown from the Lockwood store.
[Confirmed] Skull Tiara    - Anyone who has purchased the tiara from the Lockwood store.

[Unknown] Horns Male - Anyone who purchased the cauldron from the Lockwood store (cauldron owner)
[Unknown] Horns Female - Anyone who purchased the cauldron from the Lockwood store (cauldron owner)
[Unknown] Enchanted Toadstool - Anyone who purchased the cauldron from the Lockwood store (cauldron owner)

[Confirmed] Glowing Eyes Male - Anyone
[Confirmed] Glowing Eyes Female - Anyone
[Confirmed*] Mystery Present - Anyone

*Confirmed by other forumers.
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