[ Complaint ] To @home Admins, What? Where?

More folks getting screwed out of items they've earned. From the tech support graveyard:
This is the 2nd time I have a complaint. First, The Dolphy room, I won 3 races and I did not get a silver crown.

Okay so lets back a second,

1st. Sony deletes my Dolphy's, and does shit about it, and didn't even respond to me as to what happened.
2nd. I had to completely start over even tho I have the trophies in my personal space too prove it.
3rd. You allow private Hudson servers, well holy hell, this explains why we have super fast Jet dolphy's. Hence you allow this. Are you fucking kidding me? Explains why when I score a 88 in the ring game, and god forbid if I ever get a chance to win. Do I smell hacks?
4th. My main dolphy has a bronze crown, so I win 3 races, well, where is my silver crown?

I understand that it is beta, but this is the kind of shit you want to give us? You don't help the people that need help, I see posts in here about the same stuff, and yet what, you do what? NOTHING? Why do we have support, why do you even bother, beta? Beta is just a blanket to cover up the real issues and make up excuses. I like to think that things will be better, but yet have seen epic fail on Sony.

Start caring, give a shit Sony, don't let this shit to keep going on.

The problem I have with people wanting to run a private hudson server is that sure they can get their crowns, but even makes it easier for people to hack and crack code that they can put on their memory stick and possible hack the file too as well, thus making it not fair for others such as myself.

Do something Sony besides sitting and rotating on the thumb making yourselves feel good.
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