Does Home Support Exist even?

From the tech support graveyard:

I have been one of those very patent but I have lost that. It's been several days sense I bought the Dolphy Room and raised 2 Dolphy's. One day they were gone. After the rewards and stuff I have earned I could not believe it.

I have sent the MOD's messages, I have send the webmaster email like support told me to over the phone. I have got no response from anyone at all.

Do you really care. Personally I think they messed up and deleted my stuff. I know @home is beta, but hell, at least respond to your customers/community. The program is only as good as the support is.

I demand a explanation as to why they are gone? Why can't you answer me? Why do you Ignore us for? Is this the kind of support you want to give too your community which is nothing? We pay for something and your screw us in our bum?

I will not spend another single penny on @home until I get a answer as too why this happened.

It is you that failed / lose, not I.

You wan't my support, then support me.
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